Zachary Smith


Zach is fair-minded and knows how to size up a case. An ABOTA member with a great reputation for integrity, respect and trial experience, Zach is perfectly suited to get your case settled.

Doris Cheng
Shareholder, Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger
Past President, San Francisco Bar Association
Past President, San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association

My experience with Zach started many years ago when he was the defense attorney in a personal injury case. There were more cases that followed that Zach defended. I was impressed in all those cases with his legal acumen and skill as a trial lawyer but even more so with his professionalism and ethics. Despite having been adversaries, I hold him in very high regard. He brings his considerable experience, skill, and personal charm to the practice of mediation.

Robert E. Cartwright, Jr., Esq.
Founder and Managing Partner, The Cartwright Law Firm, Inc.

I have known Zach for more than a decade. I have always been impressed by his breadth of knowledge of litigation and his professionalism which has earned him the respect from attorneys representing plaintiffs and defendants. He has the admirable qualities that I look for in a mediator - he is a quick study, a creative strategist, and easily develops rapport with people of different backgrounds. He has the skills to resolve your case.

Gregory D. Pike
Partner, Knox Ricksen LLP
Past President, Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California & Nevada

Zach is the rare individual who represented his clients with acumen and tenacity while still managing to be civil in all exchanges. He’s just an all-around good human being. His years of experience, case valuation, wisdom, procedural knowledge, and knowledge of the inner workings of insurance companies make him an effective mediator.

Miles Cooper
Partner, Coopers LLP

Zach has a tremendous amount of experience as a trial lawyer and knows how to resolve cases. His professionalism and problem-solving skills make him a successful mediator.

Robert J. Waldsmith
Partner, Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and mediating many cases, ranging from the routine to the catastrophic, for Zach over the years. One of the less obvious parts about serving as a mediator is watching young lawyers evolve into top-rate trial lawyers, and Zach is one of the best I’ve seen. His election into ABOTA at a comparatively young age is further proof of his accomplishments. He has impressed me with his rapid understanding of strengths, weaknesses, and value of cases and his corresponding judgment to settle the ones that should be settled and try the ones that need to be tried, with consistently excellent results. Having worked for many years as in-house counsel for Farmers Zach has unique insight into all aspects of the defense perspective while alternatively recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the plaintiff’s case. He has excellent legal skills many of which were honed over his many years as a trial attorney, but others that are innate including creativity, insight and an ability to advance his position without being heavy handed. He combines professionalism and appreciation of his opponent’s position while still advancing his clients’ best interests. He is, by nature, very warm, friendly, and gracious with a unique ability to get along with everyone.

Michael J. Ney
Mediator, Ney Mediations

Zach has a wealth of experience handling jury trials successfully. His integrity and people skills make him a valuable mediator.

David J. Samuelson
Samuelsen ADR

I’ve known Zach as an accomplished litigator with a strong understanding of what’s important about the law and a commitment to fairness and respect. I don’t doubt that he’ll bring all of those qualities to his work as a mediator.

Bill Ginsburg
Litigation Director, Berg Injury Lawyers

Zach conducts mediations throughout California – in person and in online virtual settings.

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